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Brake Repair & Automotive Tune-ups in Concord, New Hampshire

P & N Automotive Services, Inc. in Concord, New Hampshire, offers auto tune-ups and brake repair. You may wait while the repairs are being done, or drop off your car and we will call you when the work is completed.
Engine Diagnostics
Are you hearing knocking or pinging while your car is running? If your check engine light goes on, bring in your car so we can determine the problem. Your car is hooked up to the diagnostic machine with a code that informs us what is wrong with the car.
A tune-up includes an oil change, new filter, air filter, transmission flush, and radiator fluid. We also make sure the tires are in good shape, and check the spark plugs and the wiring. Other things included in the tune-up are the brake fluid and power steering fluids. We also offer headlamp lens polishing to restore brightness.
Auto Repair, Brake Repair in Concord, NH

If you hear squeaking or grinding when you apply the brakes or if you feel the pedal pulsing back at you, you may need to have your brakes replaced.  When that work is completed, we will bleed the brake lines and get you back on the road.
If there is a loud, consistent noise, black smoke, or a bad smell when you are driving, you may have exhaust problems. We place your car on the racks, trouble shoot the issue and identify the trouble. 

Is your car pulling to the left or right? If you take your hand off the wheel and the car drifts to one side, you may need an alignment. Hitting a big pothole in the road can steer your car out of alignment and cause uneven wear on your tires. You can feel confident with our Front End, 4 Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive alignments - come on in Today!


Contact us and ensure a safer ride by servicing your car at our automotive repair shop in Concord, New Hampshire.